If these parameters are not set properly, an error may display on the Control Panel. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. By calling a telephone number listed below, you will be connected to a responsive team waiting to help you. Printer Description Overview This chapter discusses the following: Note Job retention features will be deleted if you do not have the hard disk accessory.

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If the printer is attached to a network through an HP JetDirect EIO v3916a, before you can print, the printer must be configured for that network.

This allows printer status, command, and dot-image data to be passed between the two PCAs. BAT file contains the following statements for parallel interface communications: Printer Features Table Defective laser Check the laser shutter for free operation when shutter.

Check the AC power supply. If EconoMode is used full-time, it is possible that the Hp laserjet c3916a supply will outlast the mechanical parts in the Toner cartridge. Parts and Diagrams Overview This chapter discusses the bp Disconnect the ribbon cable from the Control Hp laserjet c3916a. Plug the power cord into another AC circuit outlet.

If the paper does not reach or pass three sensors within the prescribed time, the microprocessor in the Engine Controller Board notifies the Formatter of a paper jam.

To Change a Control Panel Setting: Pinch the release at the left side of the Hp laserjet c3916a and c39166a it off the shaft.

Hint Left and right are indicated as you face the front of the printer unless otherwise noted. Every time you change the Toner Cartridge run a cleaning page.

PS detects paper in the optional sheet feeder. As the mirror rotates, the beam reflects off the mirror, through a set of focusing lenses, through a slot in the rear of the Toner Cartridge, and onto the Photosensitive Drum. Turn the hp laserjet c3916a off, and has encountered a then turn the printer on. After printing approximately 10, pages.

HP C3952A – LaserJet 5n B/W Laser Printer Manuals

A positive charge applied to the back of the paper by the transfer roller causes f3916a hp laserjet c3916a charged Toner on the Drum surface to be attracted to the page. Hp laserjet c3916a case of abnormality, the output from this circuit turns off the relay RL and interrupts the power to the fusing heater. Troubleshooting Overview This chapter discusses the following: Control Panel Keys Table Settings and Defaults Setting or Default Explanation Temporary Setting A value set for the current print job by the software application.

This is set initially at the factory topages. The printer uses heat and pressure to fuse Toner to the paper. Take out the silver screw farther from the hp laserjet c3916a assembly, the one that is under the green handle.

Lift the Engine away from the Laserket Feed Module. To use the top output bin, hp laserjet c3916a sure the rear output bin is closed. Tray 3 Laserjrt LaserJet 4. The drivers and software components for end users and administrators using the environments listed above are described in the following sections.

The HP Resource Manager allows you to control hard disk and flash memory features not found in the drivers. Ensure that the left-side paper guides for Trays hp laserjet c3916a and 3 are set correctly at both the front and rear of the trays, and that the front guide is locked into the correct position.

Internal Components 1 of 3 Item No.

TPW – HP LaserJet 5, 5M, 5N

Some items in this menu such as duplex and manual feed can be accessed from a software application, or from the printer driver if the appropriate driver is installed. To change a Control Panel setting: The CPU detects the remaining Toner level and the presence of the Cartridge when the developing bias is applied hp laserjet c3916a the Developing Cylinder.

It houses the cleaning, conditioning, hp laserjet c3916a developing steps of the process. Remove the Tray 1 Pickup Assembly page Do not use solvents or ammonia-based cleaners.

Other accessories and options are available. Rotate the bin upward and slide it to the right to release the left hinge.